Common courtesy

Nina I miss him so much. Yep In am fime, just had a guy do my Bedroom and landing floor so not be around on here much… that is my excuse for feeling like I couldn’t be bothered to post on here. Hope you’re ok?


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STill suffering the after effects of chemotherapy and radio therapy but otherwise ok. I get that can’t be bothered feeling too! Take care Don, Nina x

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Glad to here your recovering nina you know believe they don’t think when they come out with their comments yes even though i try and look at the funny side still hurts like hell and then we see nina not just dealing with MS but everything else and I think they could not walk in her shadow look after yourself nina maybe we should write a book, this week in tesco met a friend who said seen you in here last week and you looked as if you were struggling told the girl from MS Society I deal with she said why did he not approach you fear again I believe

My hubby also gives me a row if I put someone in their place, but believe he is in denial he knew I was a stronger character when he married me so why would I change now

Take care


Thanks so much for your kindness I’m bowled over! Sadly, It wasn’t me your friend saw, I was in hospital a week or so ago for two weeks, though it seemed more like eternity than two weeks! It was also an hour and a half away from home. My lovely husband ended up driving for three hours every day … try as I might I couldn’t get him to take a day off!

Take Care,

Nina x

Hope you are recovered and feeling better, have got anymore to come? it must be awful feeling better but knowing it is going to happen again. Big Huggs Don XXX