zimmer frame

Got my zimmer frame today and i am finding it so much better than my stick had my last round of steroids earlier and still no better so not a relapse Rayhelle

Glad it’s helping you to get around better.Do you see a physio? ( sorry to be nosey just thought it may help you also ) take care,xxjo

yes i do see a physio thank-you take care Raychelle

pleased that you find your zimmer helpful- i have one too as i was becoming more and more wobbly using a stick. stick has a new use of closing doors. take care

Thank-you it is a lot easier Rayhelle

Hi - just wanted to say that steroids don’t always work. So you never know, it could still be a relapse and you might still get some improvement. Hope so :slight_smile:
Karen x

Thank-you Karen and take are Raychelle