Zen machine


Has anyone used one of these machines? A friend in Scotland has one and she swears by it. She also has a friend up there with MS who uses one. The machine looks very interesting - especially since you just lie flat on your back to use it!

I am hoping that using one might help with all the pain and spasms that I get in my back and neck


(diagnosed with ppms in 1998)

Hi Anon, I'd never heard of it but just found a demo on You Tube, actually called the Zen Chi Machine. 

I bought a recliner chair a couple of years ago and I could have got one with a 'massage' facility in it. I tried it out and hated it because it felt so much like the internal shaking and buzzing that I have with MS. I get the feeling the Zen Chi machine might feel the same. On other hand, when it's so hard to exercise, it might feel really good to have your body moved around like that.

I certainly wouldn't buy one without trying it out first, but looks interesting... thanks for posting about it.

Pat x