The ms society article on Zebrafish and its contribution to myelin repair (so ms benefit) was brought to my attention months ago on Radio 4.

I wonder if anybody else heard this?


No I haven’t Mark… what is it?

Pat x

I lost interest because you can’t grill them, but this was on Barts & London site last month.



And I lost interest because there’s too many long words. Should I be asking in Waitrose for some?

[/quote] Don’t bother - I had two for supper. You’d need at least twenty!

Re. the long words, I know some longer ones, and we are relying on you - you’ve got an Ology!

These poor zebra fish must be really hacked off. Aren’t they used for studies for heart conditions too. I think I’d read somewhere that they are see through so scientists can see what’s going on. Not sure if I’ve remembered correctly. I have a memory like a fish!