hi new bloger i have not been dignosed with ms yet but i am suffering with numbness and tingling in hands and feet and stiffness in right leg and burning sensation in my back i have blurred vision and dry eyes felling tired all time neck pain and headache i have twitching and balance problems i suffer from heat and cold i went to see my gp and refered me to romatoligist because i have cervical spondolis and ostoporisis i had mri on neck and spine and emg test my mri came back ok my emg the emg test and mri didnt match up he sent me to nuroulogist and she done tests and agreed to do extended emg test which put neddles from chin down over now im waiting to here back from my nurouoist i had blood tests and xray on my chest and come back ok from my gp but im sure i have ms hope someone can get back to me with any answers sorry to be bit boring this is my first blog

Hi Yvonne,

i had my first attack back in June this year which i am still recovering from. Like you i had similar symptoms, numbness in the face, blurred vision and balance problems, headaches and i seem to suffer when it is hot and humid.

Like you i had a MRI done where they found some scarring to the core of the brain and i also had a lumber puncture done too.

It is a shock to hear that you may have MS but you really need to stay positive and as i have found out on this forum everyone is fantastic with their advice and support.

Hope you get things sorted out soon.



hi sharon70 thankyou for your comments its been helpfull to me to no someone out there who no how u feeling while waiting for dignosos hope your are ok

Hi Yvonne, and welcome to the site

It’s great that you’re on the path to finding out what’s going on, but please do try and keep an open mind about what the cause might be - neurology is horribly complicated because there are literally hundreds of conditions that cause similar symptoms. So while many of your symptoms are found in MS, it could easily be something else that’s causing them.

I hope you get some answers soon.

Karen x