Your symptoms/diagnosis and alcohol


I was just wondering if any of you feel temporarily better if you drink of alcohol like a glass of wine? I mean do your symptoms ease? Albiet temporarily. Mine do - sort of! And well I wonder if that’s typical of anxiety or there is any suggestion that alcohol eases muscular and nerve pains/tensions?

Thank you!

Alcohol is - among other things - a muscle relaxant. So yes, it will tend to reduce muscle stiffness from any cause - but not necessarily only MS.

But yes, it would reduce anxiety too, so if stiffness were from nervous tension, should relieve it too.


Thank you Tina. I thought as much. I think I need to start amytriptyline again in meantime. It helped previously with pain and twitching a bit but I got so much painful indigestion taking them. But then it got a great nights sleep. Can’t win with medication. Doctor has suggested muscle relaxants several times but I’m a little apprehensive taking them. Kind of think if I can manage I will but then sometimes I think I’m clearly not managing :frowning:

Too right. But don’t forget that ethanol is no exception to this sad rule!