your opinions please x

hi all,

i still have no diagnoses. i would be grateful for everyone opinion.

my daily pills are now:

gabeapentin 800mg x 3

bacolfen 10mg x 3

citalapram 40mg x 1

propranolol 10mg x 3

amitriptyline 100mg x 1

diazepam 2mg when required

would you say that they are treating me for ms by the drugs ive been prescribed.

thank you so much for reading.

tam xx

Hi Tam,

No, I would not say they are treating you for MS.

They are simply treating you for the symptoms you have.

It is not possible to deduce whether you have MS simply from a list of symptoms (as many other conditions can produce similar symptoms), and what you are prescribed for them is one step removed from that!

So no, I do not think your medication list indicates anyone has “secretly” concluded you have MS, and is treating you for it anyway.

You do not need a diagnosis of anything to be prescribed symptom relief, and where something appropriate exists, that’s exactly what a good doctor should be doing. Not saying: “Oh dear, you’ll just have to lump it I’m afraid, because we don’t know what’s wrong with you.”

Knowing how to treat a symptom does not mean they also know the underlying cause.


Hiya, I was in your shoes around 16 years ago hun!

I was highly suspected of having PPMS and put on amitriptyline, baclofen, quinine, plus bp and cholesterol meds. My symptoms were typical ie loss of mobility, bladder and bowels misbehaving big time, fatigue, spasms and stiffness.

A year or 2 later, I was wrongly diagnosed with PPMS…a year later I was diagnosed with HSP…hereditary spastic paraplegia…but there was no actual proof of that either!!!

Then would you adam and eve it…HSP was turned back into PPMS.

Then just to drive me even further up the wall…my label now is HSP…with no proof.

I know, chuffin` bonkers innit?

So, as Tina says, being given certain meds means bugger all for as far as a definite diagnosis goes!.

luv Pollxx