Your all beautiful


hought id share this before my mind forgets it lol.

MS is a cocoon, our body is forced into. We have no say if we enter this cocoon. MS is horrible, where we want to do things we use to but cant. A catapillar metamorphosis (soz if wrong word, but blame Google lol, sounds right though), into a beautiful butterfly. We are in a way that caterpillar in the cocoon, wanting to be free, but MS likes to put a full stop. But that caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.
Dont let the MS stop you. We are in that cocoon, but our beauty is shinning. Dont let the MS stop your beauty, its a journey we have to adapt to, a journey that makes our inner beauty shine. A beauty that is hard to come by, a beauty that WE ALL HAVE. Dont let the MS put you down, thats its job.
Be that caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly. MS is that cocoon.
Soz if i droned on, but dont let it get you. You are rare and beautiful.
Stay safe peeps.