????? you too?

Im getting rather annoyed with authorities. Sent off letter to DWP, got ‘you must comply’ letter, no explanation as to my question.

A few weeks ago my heart test results went missing, a fortnight later finally got the results - was I anxious, you bet.

Then this morning having to chase up another appointment as infusion due - then given wrong number 3 times before finally getting through to be told they would ring me back.

In the middle of all this Ive applied for help for something - even they have messed me around stating I dont know what Im asking for???

Is it me or is the whole world against everyone?



I think it is the combination of trying to keep so many plates spinning at the moment.

You can come on here and rant and rave to let it out and then be the compliant mouse to those in authority who are total twats but you need then not to mark your card.

Rant after each call and then deep breath and on to the next.

Is your heart test ok?


I echo Pip`s words. And what about those results on your ticker, hun?

luv Pollx