Yet another scan Tomorrow

I got a phone call yesterday inviting me for yet another MRI scan tomorrow, I have already had about 3 different scans and this one is going to be a full body scan.

The strange thing is that it is going to be at Manchester childrens hospital, I think that they had a cancellation and after recieving a refferal from my neuro in Manchester booked me in.

I am guessing that because the machines are so expensive they now operate on weekends so they can make use of them.

Has anybody else had so many differnt scans and also has anybody had hospital appointments on a weekend?

Hi Jon, yes I’ve had scan on a Sunday… it is I think because the equipment is so expensive & they try and get as much use as possible. I’ve also had one scan at 9pm in evening.

Since first MS symptoms (2006) I’ve had 4 scans. Two brain, one spine & one brain and spine.

It’s useful to glow in the dark… can read without using lamp… LOL…

Hope it goes well Jon. Have a good weekend,

Pat x

Heehee, yeah if you did glow in the dark it would save money on electricity

Hi Jon

Hope it all went well, I remember those days only too well…scan after scan.