yet another infection

Hey all Im currently on copaxone and have been for the past 12months +, Every couple months,sometimes less i end up at the doctors due to an infection,a red lump on my face,mainly at the side of my mouth, When i first got diagnoses nearly 5 years ago i started on rebiff and never had any problems with infections, since i went to copaxone it is quite frequent,not only does it not look good,is quite embarrasing aswell Im due back at the hospital this monday…18th feb so i need to ask the question as im quite annoyed with always gettin infections an always bein at the doctors, Does any1 else have this problem, whether it might just be me,or whether it be a copaxone thing… Thanks Chris

hi chris

i’ve never had the infection that you have. been on copaxone for 4 years.

i get loads of UTIs though.

carole x

I seem to get 1 every couple of months and it really gets me down,not gna b able to get to the docs now til late mon as im at hospital mon mor Hopefully the hospital can prescribe or give advice for future to stop this re occuring Chris

Hi I can’t help you with your query as I’m not on any DMDs as yet. However just wondered why you changed DMD? Reason being I think this is going to be the route for me due to having three relapses in just over two years? So just getting information to hopefully help me decide on which DMD if I’m given the choice. Thanks and hope you get sorted x