Yea I did it

We’ll after 6 mths old have just completed my first week back at work 250 mile commute each way and a week in the hotel , got back home yesterday.over did it a bit (see other post ) but I’m back ! Never thought I would be …but I am Going to rest and enjoy the weekend Take care Gray xxxx

Sorry should be off

Exhausted but a great feeling of achievement? Well done you. Take it easy now.

Well done!

Well done you it’s great achievement. Have a well deserved rest over the weekend

Well done, Gray

Tracey x

That’s brill Gray. Now take it steady for the weekend!!

Shazzie xx

Thank you all so much Few glasses of wine tonight

Your post shines with positivity!

Enjoy the booze, you`ve earned it!

luv Pollx

congrats gray - have a fab weekend xx

Brilliant news Gray. I bet you’ve never been so delighted to make a 500 mile round trip commute, eh? Have a fizzy one on me! Jane xx