xray results - frustrated

Hi All

Not really MS just another thing to contend with, I have mortons neuroma in left foot got first steroid injection Dec 2010 got a good year out of it had to have one again 1st dec 2011 I was told cannot have anymore doc at RAH said GP to refer me for surgery if it did not work.  I got 5 weeks out of it pain free alas it came back. Just annoyed because took doc at rah weeks to write advising my GP he thought I had arthriytis in both feet and would like an xray I did tell him I have been checked for this before and do not have arthrytis.  GP after 3 weeks could see me sent for xray and clear now she will refer me to orthopedic surgery at RAH but god knows how long I will wait and feel 2 months wasted, and it affects my mobility which is not good anyway now I walk like a complete idiot can only walk on left heel.  Sorry this was just a moan.

Jan x


No wonder you’re p’d off. Dead quick, weren’t they! :frowning:
If it was them, I bet it would have been done by now!
Karen x