Xmas overkill !

Has the MS Society done a deal to get free postage, or are they spending loads of money sending out their Xmas Gift catalogues? In the last couple of months I have received the catalogue 3 times by post, as well as a copy which was included with the last issue of MS Matters. It just seems like overkill if this is being repeated for all members of the Society.


A statement from Fundraising:

"There’ll be one more mailing before the season ends. This will be at the start of November. There are 8 pages of new products in every mailing so that buyers are not receiving the same catalogue each time.

The ‘multiple’ mailings are intentional. The company that we work with has tested a number of mailing plans in order to work out which generates the most orders (and so the most funds raised) and this is the most successful approach.

Please note: the MS Society incurs no direct costs for these mailings - printing, postage and dispatch are covered by the company we work with, called Suttons."

Ho, ho, ho…etc

Stewart (admin)