WTF is this?!!!

Since last Sunday (10 September) I’ve felt like absolute crap. I woke up and felt horrible. Headache, sore, achy, stiff, and weak. Initially I thought it was flu coming on a bit early in the year, but by Monday I was pretty sure it wasn’t. Headache went away, but the feeling as if my body has been plugged into an electric circuit has not. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s as if my entire body is buzzing/humming and it absolutely drives me insane. Along with that came more weakness and a left arm that wasn’t completely limp, but had barely any strength in it at all. My dexterity and hand-eye coordination was off completely. It took 15 minutes to tie my shoes. I felt hot but was cool to the touch; this then became severe chills almost immediately afterward (as if my body couldn’t/can’t control my internal temperature) without fever. It would then move to my feet- ice cold. Couldn’t get them warm enough, then so hot (even hot to the touch) that I’ve gone outside to cool them down. I’ve had pins and needles/tingling/electrical feeling in my feet and hands, with my right hand going completely ice cold for hours at a time yet feeling as if it were on fire. Lefty was still “out of service” dexterity wise. Horrible tinnitus and feeling as if part of my face is on fire but is numb to my touch. It’s maddening. This has been happening on and off from a “this is f’ing annoying but I’ll deal…” level to “I can’t do this anymore. What the hell is going on?”. I finally saw my GP yesterday who did a full reflex check along with vision check. The reflex check was absolute torture. The electric/tingling from head to toe has come (back) on gradually since then. She conferred with another GP in the surgery and they contacted the Neuro unit at Radcliffe Hospital to see what to do next. Fortunately they want me to come in sometime within the next two weeks (I’ll receive my appointment card in the post) to their rapid assessment clinic. I’m not sure what’s going to happen from there, but after an okay day yesterday (pre-appointment), today is unbearable. I woke up with a pain above my temples, along with nausea. This then progressed to the vision issues that occurred last week (not quite tunnel vision, however, everything in my peripheral seemed to be vibrating, followed by my eyes having issues focusing…) and the internal vibrating/electric buzzing and moderate weakness is back with a vengeance today. I really just want to curl up and sleep through it all but I can’t even get comfortable in bed. I really am at a loss with whether these are true MS symptoms or something else. I’ve had similar episodes before, but not all of these various issues at one time. It’s like a circuit in my brain blew. Ideas? Help?!

Hi oconnell

Basically, if it’s unendurable, then go to A&E rather than wait for an appointment which could be a fortnight away.

Certainly you should do that if it gets any worse.

We can’t tell you on this forum whether something is MSlike or not. It does sound like it’s something neurological though. So the sooner you see a neurologist the better in my opinion.


Thanks Ssssue. I’m a former medic, so I’m more than aware that it’s neuro-related, I just wasn’t sure if anyone had experienced any symptoms similar to what I’m dealing with right now. I will do an A&E run if necessary- I know my limits and what’s an absolute emergency. My GP and I spoke at length about possible conditions to rule out, etc., but she did feel that my symptoms were quite similar to MS (or possibly Lyme or another neuro-related issue/concern) and referred to Radcliffe for an appt. within the next two weeks. Was simply curious about others’ in relation to myself (and yes, I realise that MS is different for everyone, however, sometimes you may run across someone that has had a similar issue, etc.).


i would love to read ur post but cant of the block text-so am guessing it was posted on phone/pad?

however have guessed some cos of sue’s reply!

hope you are ok!