Would you ask for a second opinion...?

Hi All,

This is my first post - as there is a wealth of experience on this forum I’m hoping you will be able to help me.

I went to see my GP in February due to a range of symptoms I was experiencing as I wasn’t sure if it was due to being menopausal (48 years old), my rheumatoid arthritis or tablets I was taking for the RA. The GP suspected that it could be MS and referred me to see a neurologist which I did at the end of October.

My symptoms are; dificulty swallowing (for which I’ve had a barium swallow and no obstruction was found), dizziness/motion sickness, double vision/unable to focus,starting sentences and forgetting what I was going to say or words for certain things, tinnitus, constant cold/wet feeling in my left foot, spells of deafness/muffled hearing in right ear, various tingling sensations in hand and face.

My consultation with the neurologist lasted for an absolute maximum of 4 minutes. He didn’t even turn on his computer and merely scanned through the list of symptoms (I had written down on the advice of my GP in case I forgot to mention something). He asked if I’d had any scans to which I replied that I’d had an MRI scan which the GP had said was clear and from then on he couldn’t get me out of the room quick enough.His diagnosis was that I was having vestibular migraines. His advice was to drink more water and get more fresh air (I am a farmer’s wife and have my own horse that I manage to take out riding most days - quite a big portion of my daily routine is spent outdoors… (The MRI was done without contrast and only on my head, not my spinal cord).

So, my question is (and well done if you’ve managed to read through all of that!) - would you think that it’s worth getting a second opinion? Would it be worth having an MRI with contrast on both my head and spinal cord. I’m not sure if I would be able to have a lumbar puncture as I take/have taken warfarin for 23 years due to a genetic blood disorder.

Thank you for taking the time to read my waffling! Any thoughts and advice greatfully received.

Morning doubleeu,

OK thing is from your symptoms not quite sure why your GP would even mention MS. They are pretty non specific and can be from migraines, menopause even RA and drugs for same.

an MRI with contrast for now i would think is not needed i am not an expert but believe me i have been through the journey of hell and back trying to be diagnosed with ANYTHING lol.

Have you ever been bitten by a tick as lymes is becoming more and more normal in this country and if you ride and have a horse i would assume you have fields etc and can be bitten without even being aware of it. Just a thought. the symptoms of lymes is very similar to what you describe.

When i first presented to the neuro, my symptoms were left sided weakness and weird stuff in my foot lol.

deafness is not actually attributed to MS as a symptom.

the tingling in hand and face can be hormone driven.

I would not want to have contrast to be honest gadolinium the stuff used for contrast can affect the kidneys and no that is not scaremongering, its a known fact. My uncle who is a radiologist told me once you can take an MRI with contrast for several days and never see anything and then on the next day you might see a lesion. It is not an exact science, and neither are the MRI for MS.

To be honest you seem to be enjoying your life with your horse, your active, if it is MS it will show itself one day, for now just enjoy going out in the fresh air, and see how things go. read up about menopause and perhaps try some stuff for it. see if it helps, I would attack all the other things. the fact you have been on long term warfarin may be in play here too who knows.

I got two second opinions, one said it was M.E. without even glancing at my notes yet at the time i was not suffering with CFS, and the other guy again without even reading any of my notes thought i was suffering with FND (FUNCTIONAL NEUROGLOGICAL DISORDER). I TOLD him i dont care what it is just fix me.

He wrote to me 2 weeks later and said i have no had time to review your notes, and i am sorry i cant diagnose you with FND as you have had too many positive test results, i hope you soon have a diagnosis.

He knew it was MS. i paid to have these second opinions waste of money.

got me know where. they didnt even bother to read my notes.

I am sorry its probably not what you want to hear, but based on your symptoms for me i am not sure why your GP would take such a huge leap to MS.

PS my daughter has her own horse and she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and M.E and was bed ridden and now back to running her own business and riding 10 mile hacks. I am very proud of her she is 48 and pre menopausal too. she suffered terrible vertigo and bells palsy i was scared at one point as i thought she might have MS but so far 10 years on, she is doing really well. take care. xxxxx

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply crazychick. I’ve made an appointment with my GP and will take it from there… All the best, W