would like help to get finances in order

i have worked most of my adult life but am going to quit soon. i had treatment this year and the idea of going back in to a public facing, stresful job in a pandemic is way too much.

i would like to become a day trade or swing trader on the stock market

is there help with capital gains allowances for disabled people?

also im currently applying for pip any suggestions for how to approach this?

Hi Martin
Like you, I’ve quit my “proper” job and have been applying, somewhat half-heartedly, for part-time desk-based admin jobs.

I take it you’ve already seen the forms for PIP? It all depends on your level of capability v impairment. I applied for PIP in Apr’21 and it was awarded Aug’21 for daily living and mobility. By the time I applied I’d got an extensive trail of medical reports between consultants & GP’s and had already been through the blue badge process. It’s all about scoring and would appear to be not dissimilar to the EDSS (Expanded Disability Status Scale) scorecard.

Best to be factual - you will be assessed by a specialist nurse attached to DWP and it can be reviewed as your condition changes. Ideally your medical reports will reference EDSS criteria anyway.

I’m not certain but think you have to be up around EDSS 6.0 to get PIP awarded though it varies depending on where the MS has attacked you. Can anyone say different?


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Hello Martin

I can’t comment on the work front as I’ve been unable to work for years due to increasing disability.

With regard to PIP though I recommend you have a look at They have a free PIP test and some general information about PIP. If you think you might qualify, it’s worth joining the site. Their guides are available to members only but are excellent.

Alternatively, look at Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

I disagree with GCCK about it relating to your EDSS score. It’s more about your need for help with personal care (the ‘care’ part of PIP), and your ability to walk / otherwise mobilise alone (the ‘mobility’ component).

It is vital to get written evidence to back up a claim for PIP, so you’ll need any documentation you already have from medical professionals or you can ask for letters from your MS nurse, physiotherapist or other professional(s).

Best of luck