Worth knowing - excellent customer service

I bought a rollator online from Co-operative Independent Living.

The brakes broke after about 18 months. The rollator was guaranteed for 12 months but the brakes are guaranteed for 3 years. When I spoke to the Co-op they wanted me to return the rollator (by courier which they would organise), I explained that I could not manage without the rollator so they sent me a replacement one.

I was really pleased by the customer service offered by this company.

Well done The Co-op!

I thought others might find this helpful to know.



Thanks Anne, it’s always good to know of places that treat their customers well, rather than having to complain when they don’t!

Rosina x

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i’ve always liked the co-op because it was based on the principle of being a co-operative.

hence the dividend stamps that i used to rob from my mum to play post office!

ah… drifting off in a memory of my childhood.

which brings to to another issue - my train of thought wanders about all over the place!!

great news that their customer service is so good!

carole x

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