Worsening symptoms - that old chestnut

Hello. I’ve been increasingly depressed, tearful etc, for some months and it’s making everything worse - balance, walking, tiredness, confidence. I’ve come off an SSRI in prep for screening for the MS Smart trial. A few weeks ago, after not being able to get out if bed, I had 4 nights in UCH. They thought I had a bladder infection which proved not to be the case. I was put on 5 days if corticosteroids which I don’t feel have done anything. Also given amylltriptine as an alternative to the SSRI. Feeling ghastly: no reserves, stiff legs, poor mobility and balance - still depressed! Just wondered if this is a pattern anyone recognises or any suggestions for an improvement. Thanks all.

Sorry so are feeling so rough & can’t really offer much advice. Just to say I am also awaiting screening for the MS Smart trial. It seems like a way forward for those who are at the SPMS stage.

i hope you get some improvement.


Thanks Neil. I hope you do well on the trial. Since I’m no longer taking an SSRI and things have worsened, I’m wondering about asking for fluoxetine anyway and forgetting the trial, since that’s one of the 3 drugs on trial (+ placebo). Good luck.


OldRectory, when I’m not depressed, I can deal with most things. When I am depressed, I can deal with nothing.

What would you advise a friend in the same boat as you? Would you urge him/her to press on without effective anti-d meds in (1) the hope that the depression would miraculously disappear and (2) the hope of some uncertain and poorly defined trial-related benefit in the future? Or would you suggest going back on anti-d meds to make life nicer now?


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Alison is right never come of ant d meds they are for life

and you just cannot just stop you have to ween yourself off gradually