Worrying unnecessarily? or Second attack?

Hi folks. I was on here in 2013 when I had symptoms for a few months, spinal cord demyelinating lesion found, (probably) clear brain MRI, eventually discharged when it all went away (or pretty much). Since then I’ve not had any relapse at all. Lately though I’ve had a bunch of stuff go wrong and I’m starting to worry. But each thing has another plausible (or actual) explanation. I’ve had eye problems - but I’ve seen an ophthamologist and it’s not nerve related. I’ve fallen over a lot (injuring myself quite badly) - but in each case I’ve tripped over something real. I’ve had a problem with my foot - but it’s clearly plantar fasciitis. I’ve had weird sensations - particularly in my scalp, but they are related to over heating. I have intermittent tiredness/fatigue - but I’m very over-committed. Today I’ve had a really tight vice like chest and sore neck, and I feel sure it’s a strained muscle, but it could be MS hug.

Do you think it’s worth going to the doc to get checked out? Or should I wait for something more concrete to happen? When I was discharged my neuro said that if I get a second attack just to email his secretary for an appointment, no need to go via GP. But obviously I’m reluctant to do that if it’s just hypochondria. What do you real life experts think?

hi clare

personally i think you should contact your neuro.

maybe another MRI could provide answers.

you don’t sound like an hypochondriac at all, in fact you keep coming up with other possible causes for your problems.

email his/her secretary.

carole x

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Thanks Carole. Not really feeling any better today but I think I’ll wait a few days and see if this goes away. If I go back for another MRI and there’s nothing it won’t rule it out anyway. And my gut instinct says there’ll be nothing to see. And if I do go back and there are lesions then they’re not doing much so I probably don’t need to know. Plus I’ll have all that waiting stress.

[I’ve just realised I should have used the work ‘relapse’ rather than attack. (Never understood that. Should be first episode. Then a relapse. RE- means again… but I know people say second relapse when they mean the first time after the first iyswim. I’m a grammar nerd aren’t I!!)]

Aw bless. It really helps to chat to your GP if you are worried. Even though we try to avoid it and google instead!I hope you feel better soon! Why are you tripping over so many things are you messy person like me ?

And now, another 5 months on, feeling drunk when walking today. First time for that one. Obvs am completely sober. Just using this as a kind of symptom diary I suppose, but advice very welcome!

Hi Clare

I would repeat what Carole said to you before, see is you can get another appointment with your neurologist. It may just be a case of getting the all clear, which would then put your worries to bed.

Keeping an actual diary, or just a time line is a good plan.