I’ve had mobility issues for about 6 years now.I have osteoarthritis in my knees, but also have really bad lower leg nerve pain, which has resulted in me literally not being able to walk more than a few yards, before having to sit down.I also have to use a stick. My other symptoms are extreme fatigue, bowel n bladder problems, hand n face tremors. Whenever I have a shower, my legs turn to jelly n I shake for ages afterwards, n I got stuck in the bath yesterday because my legs turned to jelly, so I didn’t have the strength to get out. I also have severe brain fog, n my calf muscles keep going really tight. My Dr thinks it’s muscular but i’m convinced it’s neurological. I’ve just had my first set of bloods taken, n am waiting for the results.

hi goagirl

the only advise i can give you because i have no medical qualifications is to see if help from an occupational therapist is available.

this person will help you make your bathroom safe.

mine had grab rails fitted for me in the bath because our shower is situated in the bath.

have you considered getting a rollator with a seat?

you are able to self refer to the bowel and bladder clinic or ask your GP to refer you.

i was taught how to self catheterise which isn’t as yucky as it sounds and enables me to have confidence to go out without any accidents.

they can also advise you on bowel management.

the brain fog and tight lower leg muscles sound neurological to me.

maybe the GP can refer you to physiotherapy for the leg muscles.

the brain fog is something you get used to, you will know that you’ve cracked it when you are able to laugh at yourself.

the GP will want to rule out other things before referring to neurology.

therefore keep on getting appointments to keep him/her updated.

carole x

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