About 10years ago I had mono. Ever since then I’ve been totally different. 4 months after mono I had my first seizure and 4 years later they said I had epilepsy. But sometimes I go for weeks at a time feeling shaky and like I get weird sensations in my head, like zaps. I feel weaker and my mood changes. Then suddenly its5 better I’ve been like this for 10 years, is it ms? I wouldn’t know where to start. The shaking muscles I sometimes get are so strange since I’m a personal trainer and can normally run I miles in an hour and do crazy circuit workouts… During these periods of time (varies from a few days to a few weeks) I get everything from anxiety to shaky muscles and weakness. Blurry vision, mood changes and sometimes tingling in my hands. Any advice? I’m just about 3o so too young for most major problems especially considering how healthy I’ve always been. Kids to take care of, twin toddlers.

Step one - Write a list of the top 3 - 5 symptoms that affect you most.

Step two - See your GP with the list, ask for (a) full blood tests to be run and (b) to be referred to a Neurologist if the blood results come back OK.

Step three - If the blood results are OK - Do not be fobbed off - the only person who can tell if this is MS is a Neurologist.

Step Four - Take a deep breath and try to relax, given the ‘crazy circuit workouts’ and running, it may be that you have a vitamin deficiency which, believe it or not, can cause many of these symptoms, that can be sorted out easily.

what`s a mono?