20 years ago i was given brain scans and these found demylnation on brain and spinal column. however it was decided that it was not MS at that time.

Over the years i have had a few symptoms and was prescribed amitryptiline and gabapentin for migrainous pain/nerve damage.

A few months ago i had quite a scary experience, blurred vision, couldn’t hold conversation properly, was totally drained 24/7 eye problems which the doctor said was nystagmus. I have now been referred back to neurologist and am quite worried. i know these symptoms can be signs of other things, would really like some opinions from other people who have had similar symptoms.

Thank you

Hi Twink,

This is a tough one. Ordinarily, I would discourage jumping to conclusions, and stress the many other things it could be, but obviously, your history makes it less likely this is some random, unrelated thing. It still could be, but in your place, I would also be suspecting some connection.

On the more positive side, if you first had evidence of demyelination 20 years ago, but until recently have had led a relatively normal life, with only a few residual symptoms, it does not point to a particularly aggressive course. 20 years is a long time to go without anything more dramatic happening.

It is notoriously difficult to predict how MS - if, indeed, it is that - will go. But it’s often said that the best and only guide to the future is how it’s behaved in the past. This is NOT a cast iron guarantee, but basically, the longer you’ve gone without major trouble, the better the chances of it staying similar.

So if you were unfortunate enough to have MS at all, 20 years from first evidence to next significant development would be about as good as it gets, and grounds for reasonable optimism.

Hope this helps,


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