Hi All,

One of my daft questions (maybe). I have noticed recently when I have been walking for a while it is like my co=ordination in my legs go and i become very self concious because I feel as if i am walking “funny”. If I rest for a while I am ok again. This seems to be happening more and after walking for less time. Or any other form of physical activity can generate the same feeling.

Not sure if this is another thing I need to manage or is it all in my head?


Hi, Tikka,

I don’t know and your Doctor should be able to tell you - I have had similiar ‘symptoms’ to you and I had a ‘suspicion’ that it could also ‘all be in my head’. In fact, I’ll ask the ‘specialist’ whom I go to see next month when he will be examining my ‘catheter’ and let you know (if I remember) but thanks very much for your note and I hope that you find an answer.


Hi Tikka,

I’m sure you should have a word with your doc’ but am pretty sure it’s not in your head as it’s a physical thing and you notice it on other activities. Get it checked out, even if it just puts your mind to rest.



Of course it’s not in your head and just MS doing what it does best.

If its what i have its called otofs syndrome (yes an MS thing) the more i walk the worse it gets. If i rest it resets itself. and it doesnt go away or get better. hope i am wrong


Hi Tikka, the way you describe it sounds exactly like what I experience. I know what you mean about worrying that it’s all in your head - If I become self conscious it seems to get worse and I can control it partially if I concentrate very hard. But I don’t think this means it isn’t real.

p.s. I agree with Mhairi that when you’re like this you can injure yourself if you’re not careful so take care.

I find myself stopping and telling myself to walk properly,and then I set off and my legs do anything other than normal walking and it feels odd.

Is it like that? If it is and you find a way to stop it please will you let me know.


I get this when I walk a couple of 100 metres these days. My legs lose co-ordination, tingle, trob like I’ve run a mathathon then go numb and so wobbly I have to rest.

The first few times it happened I was really scared as i thought this meant I was loosing the ability to walk altogether, which is not the case as it’s more like really extreme muscle fatigue.