Worried...Please help

Hi all I hope you don’t mind me coming here I’m hoping for advice or someone to put my mind at rest. Basically I’m a busy mum/carer and I’m 34 years old. I’ve been experiencing many problems throughout my life and recently it’s getting very bad. I think my doctor feels I’m a hypochondriac and not taking me seriously. Here I go… I suffer bad migranes …With auras. (Loss of eyesite) I’m now getting at least 2 to 3 a month. My vision us worse sp I have to wear glasses. In 2009 my bowel collapsed and fixed itself. …I was diagnosed with ibs. I suffer bad with my bowels and I never have dry knickers…its like I can’t hold it in. I’ve suffered attacks of bad back…but now I can’t stand or walk longer than 5 mins without my back killing me. A physiotheripst said it’s not michanical. I lose sensation of my arms and fingers and often pins and needles. It’s not carp tunnel they tested me. I get soo tired I can no longer keep myself awake during the day. Some days are worse than others. I saw the doctor as suffering huge dizzy spells and couldn’t put sentences together…All confused. This don’t happen too often thankfully I failed a memory test at the doctors but they have lost that on file! I have just been diagnosed with trigeminal nuralgia. .worst pain in my face I’ve ever felt. Electric shock like pains shoot all over my face. My joints hurt …my thumb especially. I was sent for an xray but all us ok. My right knee has been giving away recently and sometimes I can’t bare weight on it and I can’t walk…I’m waiting fir a scan on my knee to see if I’ve damaged nerves somehow. I suffer huge bouts of depression. But I cope with that…I think im just tired of being ill a lot if the time haha! My doctor won’t send me for an mri whilst the gabipenten I’m on fir my tn works for my pain. I worry they’re missing something After recently reading a girls story of ms in my paper I thought wow I have bouts of all them symptoms. Could I just be very unlucky n have a lot going wrong with ne? Any advice is much appricated. I don’t think my doctor will take me seriously if I say I’m worried I have ms … Thanks for reading Claire xzx

hi claire

wow you have a lot going on.

how old is your child?

who are you carer for?

neuralgia is horrendous.

so if you were to say that the gabapentin isnt working, would your gp send you for an MRI?

as for continence (wet pants) get a referral to the bowel and bladder clinic or you can refer yourself.

some tips for bladder control:

  • don’t drink caffeine (have decaff coffee and tea)

  • coca cola also contains caffeine.

  • buy some tena lady

  • do lots of pelvic floor exercises

  • get tested for a bladder infection

the bladder nurse will scan you (like a baby scan) to see if you are retaining urine.

if you are she will ask you to fill in a chart for 3 days saying what you had to drink (time, type of drink)

how much you are peeing (she will provide you with a jug).

i know this is just one of your many problems but i found it very distressing.

hope it helps

carole xx

Hi Claire, sorry if this sounds harsh but I think you need to demand your GP helps you more. If that includes demanding MRI then so be it. I have been on Gabapentin for over 8 years but it did not stop my GP from sending me for an MRI this year. Yes it turned out I had MS but at least I had a diagnosis. Don’t take no for an answer Claire, tell your GP you won’t give up until you know exactly what us wrong. Many people on the forum understand what you are going through, you are not alone. I wish you all the best x