worried I may have ms

I’m a 24year old female who has been getting symptoms ever since I had a hepititus a booster vaccine before I went to Egypt. I had the vaccine on April 17th and two days later woke up with a pressure headache and feeling dizzy/fuzzy headed- this seemed to develop into a funny sensation all through my body, the doctor prescribed me some tablets and this seemed to take away all these feelings. I went on holiday and forgot all about the symptoms, but a week later after returning from holiday the pressure headache came back, followed by the fuzzy head feeling/dizziness, and the weird shakey/vibrating feeling all through my body. After a few days I started getting tingling in my right ankle/foot and the right side of my face felt numb (even though I could feel it if I touched my face) my right eye looked swollen, and I had a spot which seemed blurry. I was admitted to hospital and all blood tests and ct scan and mri apparently looked normal- but they have now discharged me and I’m waiting for a neurologist appointment (6-8 weeks

… I’m worried after doing the worst thing possible ‘‘googling symptoms’’ that I may have ms

Hi Anon (or Annamarie, as the case may be - I’m not sure if both are the same poster).

There has been some small-scale evidence of a link between the hepatitis vaccine and MS, but this is quite old, and has not been borne out by further studies investigating the possibility of a link.

MS rarely causes external swelling (I’m actually wanting to say “never”, but there’s always some million-to-one case to come along and say: “It happened to me!”

So visibly swollen anything (in your case, your eye) does not fit with classic MS symptoms. Yes, it does commonly cause visual problems, but usually, what is inflamed is the optic nerve, which actually lies behind the eye, and certainly can’t be seen in the mirror. So someone with this type of inflammation (called optic neuritis) wouldn’t have external, visible swelling.

There are literally hundreds of things that could cause symptoms similar to those you describe. Yes, MS gets a lot of hits because it’s a biggie there’s lots of talk about. But the proportion of Google hits doesn’t reflect how certain it is that your symptoms MUST be that. In some cases, it’s as simple as a vitamin deficiency. MS is a diagnosis of exclusion, which means everything else must be ruled out first - so it’s not “first guess”, it’s the last guess, when there are no other explanations left.

It’s encouraging that your MRI apparently did not show any abnormalities. This does not absolutely rule out MS - especially in the early stages, when damage may not always be visible. But it does make it somewhat less likely.

Attempting to self-diagnose via Google, is probably, as you say, the worst possible thing, as you will have all of the worry that you do have MS, but without (so far) any clinical findings to back it up. I am a diagnosed person, but my neuro told me I was tested for over 100 things, so please try not to jump to conclusions, as you might have any of this other stuff.

I’m a big fan of Google, but sometimes it’s more of a scare than a help - especially with medical matters. It only ever seems to come up with the worst possible thing, and no mention of the many other possible causes.

I know it’s hard, but try to resist the Googling, and wait to hear what the neuro says.

If it did turn out to be MS, then yes, it’s a life changing diagnosis, but most people DO manage, and certainly not everyone ends up in a wheelchair, or facing an early death. Life expectancy with MS is only a little lower than for the general population. And nobody gets ALL of the symptoms, and certainly not all at one time.

Hope this helps,


Hi, there a condition called ADEM can often be triggered by a virus or vacinne. The patient will get a severe headache. Usually it is pretty bad and the person would have to be admitted to hospital. Although I am sure like anything else it could effect someone mildly. People with it usually recover very well.

Moyna x

Hi Anon I don’t have any answers for you (still undiagnosed) but my situation is similar to yours. My symptoms started while abroad last July. Tingling, numbness, vision problems etc. Since last July I have woken up with swollen eyelids most mornings. GP, neurologist think this is more allergy related rather than being related to my neurological symptoms but I thought it was strange that it started at the same time. When you mentioned a swollen eye it caught my attention! Didn’t have a booster vaccine this time though. Hopefully you will get answers soon. Xx