World Book Night 23rd April

Hi, I was chosen to give books out yesterday for World Book Night, the book I chose from a list of about 20 was The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry.

It made me feel really good about myself and it only took about 15 minutes. Wonder if anyone on this site was a giver or got given a book, 500,000 were given out.

I gave The Secret Scripture out in my local sport centre at lunch time when people were coming out of exercise classes. In my application I said the gym exercises your body and a book exercises your mind. I covered a table with the St Georges flag and set up a display with the posters from the website. I gave my books mainly women and girls, age range teens to eighties. I asked them if they often read books and got a variety of answers - ‘I read magazines’, ‘used to read a lot until I had children’, ‘a friend used to give me books to read, she doesn’t any more and I’ve got out of the habit’. All gratefully accepted the book with the promise that they would start reading it. One lady said it would kick start her into reading again. Inside each book I put a slip of paper explaining about World Book Night and saying I hope they enjoy the book and when they had finished either keep the book, pass it on to someone else or give it to a charity shop. Thank you for choosing me to be a giver it gave me a big thrill. I have MS and can’t walk around like I used to but I can read and share my reading passion with others.

Keep reading,

Jen x

How did I not even know it was World Book Night? I love books! I’d seen nothing about it, until your post.

Doesn’t follow that I’d actively have got involved, as you did (Good for you!), but I’m disappointed not to have seen anything. Don’t they usually have Stephen Fry promoting his favourites, or something?


They have World Book Day for children in March where they give £1 book vochers to all school children.

World Book Night has only been going for 3 years and operates in USA, Germany and the UK. I only learnt about it because I bought a book from a charity shop and it was one of the WBN books (they have a special cover and a bit about WBN in it) It’s April 23rd as it’s St Georges Day and Shakespeare’s birth/death day. They needed 20,000 givers to give away 500,000 books (20 for each giver but they send lots to hospitals, prisons etc) so I applied in about November. Look at the website for more details, I’ll definately apply next year. Something i can do sitting down!

Jen x

Oh, I’m sorry I seem to have been living in a cave, but I haven’t been very good the last couple of days, with two disappointing hospital visits, which stressed me out without actually achieving anything, so it’s perhaps not surprising I’ve missed items in the news. Still think it can’t have got much publicity, though, as I know about major stuff that’s been happening - just not this.

And I’m sure you’re right I’m mixing it up with the children’s one…

Will have to watch out for it next year.

Mind you, I didn’t remember about St. George’s Day, either, until things started popping on on Facebook & elsewhere, wishing me “Happy St. George’s Day!”. Could easily have missed that one altogether.



I have been a giver too. i was giving out 100 of The Eyre Affair and 100 of Little Face. I agree it’s been a great experience. I gave them out a the school where I work to sixth formers and staff, plus t a separate school. It was lovely to see so many people who claim not to have read in a while get so excited about a book and walk around with them all day proudly.