Working night shifts

Hello there. I am 33 and a Veterinary Nurse. This can a a very physically and emotionally challenging job at the best of times, and I feel I’m struggling at present. I wondered if anybody has experience in this role or similar? I’ve recently started doing nights again as well as varying day shifts, and it appears to be taking its toll. I can manage mainly at work, but the aftermath is quite prevalent. Some old symptoms are rearing their ugly head. I don’t want to let my new employers down, so I don’t really know how to approach the subject with them. Any tips? Thanks

why not just say that the shifts are preventing you from working at your best?

it’s a tricky one but you have ms which is the trickiest one of all.

have you told your employers?

i understand that you don’t want to let them down but your health is the most important thing.

i’m full of admiration for your profession but have never done it myself.

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes they know, but I’m not sure they fully understand… But then who does? I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and have a more serious chat with them. I love my job, and I would hate to have to leave!

that’s good reenie

hope it all works out for you.

Hi Reenie,

I suggest you call in Access to Work Get support in work if you have a disability or health condition (Access to Work) - GOV.UK they will explain to your employers their responsibilities towards you.

For instance no night shifts; if possible; might be classed as a ‘reasonable adjustment.’


Hi again,

Sorry haven’t got my thinking cap on; you could also contact the DLS Multiple Sclerosis Legal Advice Line | Disability Law Service they are paid a retainer by the Society to help people with work problems; even represent them.


Thank you for all your help guys!