Hi Laies and Gentemen, can I ask,has anybody been

told to go back into work after working from home?

I have RRMS and have been diagnosed as JC positive

i just wonder what right I have as I can work perfectly at home

doing the exact same job. Thanks I’m Advance for any replies x

I was asked by my employer to work from home when the Covid outbreak initially started, this was to safegaurd myself.

I did this for about 6 months after which I asked to go back because I felt it was mentally and physically better for me, they agreed but put safety measures in place for my return, such as, more space in the lab and offices, screens around my office desk and others within my office, reduced number of people allowed within my office and lab area that I work, compulsory face masks when coming into my office or lab area where I worked.

I might be wrong, but like any employee, abled or disabled, the employer has a duty of care to keep that person safe, so if they can show that they are taking measures to keep you safe then I would imagine they can ask you to return to work ?

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I would ask to speak to your Occupational Health department. I guess if you are working at Dick and Fred’s Pizza and Nuggets in Southend, you won’t have an Occupational health department…but I guess that you aren’t working there, if it even exists… So you shoukd be ok. Tell them your position. Explain that you are more at risk than most other people and say it is affecting your mental wellbeing to hsve to work at the pizza oven or office or whatever. Most employers will listen to your concerns. Mine did. I now make pizzas in my own kitchen.

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