work/studies, what to do... so sad...

Hi, I am currently studieng media, motion, photography, animation etc… for tv/comersials… And I have spearjobs as a photographer for a cupel of years back but I dont know if I can continue… For my studies I feel like I dont know if I have the concentration/creativity any more, it feels like it all just faides away… and how am I going to keep up with that kind of karier… and when it comes to the photography part so have I soutch a pain in my finger, worked friday night and it was realy hard, and it stil is, it hurts just by tiping right now… I dont know if its MS that does my fingers, it can be the probarbly rheumatic that I have to… shit the same It´s hard to realise that I might not be abel to continue with my passion… I dont know anything else… And I dont know how to be abel to studie something else… everything else has so strickt roules aboute tests and exams etc, I my concentration dont do exams… It just doesnt work…

What do you gyes work with?


such a shame if you have to give up.

i used to have nice handwriting but not now. however i can manage a brush so i’ve taken up painting.

i am medically retired so not in the same situation as you.

don’t make any hasty decisions because with ms changing so often and because we have clever brains we often find a way round the difficulty.

good luck and try not to get too despondent

let us know how you get on

carole x

I agree with the others don’t make any rash decisions. I work in IT support. I now struggle to use a keyboard that is touch like an iPad as that doesn’t cause me so make issues. Also use voice recognition software. I found it so frustrating not being able to use a computer which is my passion as well as my career. Access to work helped me with finding alternatives. I don’t know about photography but I am sure there must become way to help with adaptations. I understand the concentration thing, I find that so frustrating but try and cope with it, it is not easy and there are times when I go and shed a few tears in the toilet at work when it has all become too much. Hang in there and see if you can find out if you can adapt things to make it easier for you to continue with your passion. Sorry I can’t advise where to go for this help. Try access to work or speak to your tutors for assistance. Barney

as I wrote, I dont know if it´s the ms or my reumathics, and is it the reumathic so wont it go back… I been feeling it in my fingers of and on the last year or so, mostly in the winter, my joints dosent stand the cold… it just feels so bad my media stuffs have been the thing that I have found that I can do, I have had problems with the reumathic thingie since I was about twelve and it has over the years been worse, and the thing that I have been abel to do, atleast during winter time, have been my computer and my photos sence it is painful to have thick clothes and be oute walking and stuffs… I dont know… It just feels so painfull… a mounth ago I planed to maby bay a new, bigger camera, today It feels like i wont be abel to hold one ever again… especialy now, hae been working at the computer al night and I think my fingers are going to explode…

but I know… that it will proberbly feel abit better in a cuppel of days, I just ned to let my heart oute somethimes, dosent realy have anyone to talk to hear at home, and it is´nt even one year ago sence i got my diagno. I live in a smaler town, dont know anyone with ms around me and the ms welfare officer hear just thought my sorows was my fright of neadles… and I do especialy not now have anyone sence my boyfriend is overseas for a cupel of weeks… taht never makes the bad thougths less…