Work Related Issues

Hello, I am a newbie

I was told in July 2011 that I had suffered a stroke and then in October 2011 I had a terrible flu-like virus which left me emotionally drained and extremely fatigued. I could barely use my legs and was terribly low. After a third relapse I have now been informed that I have RRMS. I have had 19.5 days off work since November 2012 and my employers recently had a formal attendance meeting with me. I was lucky enough to be able to take a member of my union in with me (as I am a secretary at a secondary school) and he basically told them that they had thin or little grounds for proceeding. Two days after that meeting my boss called me into a second meeting and told me that my work wasn’t up to scratch and that I wasn’t producing the quality of work expected of me. This was the first I had been told of this! Coincidence??? Yes I thought so too.

I went to an occupational health meeting in June this year and told the lady there that I get terribly fatigued and I FELT that I was being bullied in the workplace. She submitted her report stating only 2 of the 19.5 days I have had off and my employers are not very happy with me about the statement that ‘I feel I am being bullied and pressurised in the workplace’ stating that being bullied in the workplace is a very serious allegation’ (I have the amendments I submitted to the OHU to prove what was said and how many days I admitted to having off and for what reason). I did not allege that I was being bullied and certainly mentioned no names, I merely stated that this was how I felt. This all happened last Thursday and I have been off work with stress and terribly fatigued ever since. I saw my GP last Friday who basically said I needed to have complete rest and take anti-depressants (as I broke down in his surgery saying I couldn’t cope anymore with the pressures and the insinuations - plus I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I have this crappy illness and will progressively get worse). My GP was concerned that the stress I was under would cause another relapse.

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems with their employers? Or experienced it and has any advice for me? I don’t really want to leave my job as I have been working there for 10 years but I don’t feel strong enough to fight anymore. I am dealing with my own health problems on a daily basis and I fear that if I don’t go back I will only get grief and if I do go back I will get grief. I can’t win either way.

Help, kind regards

Hi Fae, sounds like you are having a terrible time, my heart goes out to you. Are you registered disabled? My GP and my HR dept recommended I got registered, which i did as this provides more employment protection and enables my employers to offer more help and for me to take extra time off without being penalised. I don’t know the exact legalities of it but I did it anyway. Regardless of that, it doesn’t sound to me like your employers are acting lawfully and they are treading on pretty thin ice and they could end up being taken to a tribunal if the continue to discriminate in this way. May be worth you looking through some stuff about employment laww on the internet to get a better idea of your rights. Really hope things start getting better for you. xx

Thanks Bunnythecat, really apreciate your comments. I will try and get some advice from my doctor. I have a disabled parking badge but don’t know if that automatically registers me disabled??? I will also check out the employment laws. I feel a little better now knowing there might be some help out there available for me. I hate feeling this way and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Was getting registered a lengthy process??? xx

Hi Fae, registering was very quick and easy, because I wasn’t registering for any disability benefits. You do it via your local council and the form I was sent was very quick and easy. Registering gives you access to support and information which you could find helpful. I was able to do it on line and was all sorted in a couple of days. i was given a registration numbe which I passed to Hr and our health and safety dept so it’s all on record. xxx

Found this on web

Hi Fae,

I don’t know much about employment laws, but I’m pretty sure that if you have a formal diagnosis of RRMS then you are automatically protected under the Disabilities Act.

If you do a search on the Everyday Living board, I’m sure there have been a couple of threads about this recently.

Hope you get things sorted.

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