Work advice ?

Good morning everyone, was wondering if anyone could offer me some guidance or advice ?

I’m a newly diagnosed RRMS patient, didnt get my diagnosis until March 2021. long story but in September 2020 I was admitted into hospital with loss of speech and right sided weakness. I have been having Nero physio to help with my weakness.

Anyway I’m really struggling with my work life. I have a new line manager and as manager who don’t know how to (deal ) with me…their words. I’ve had the door shut in my face when I’ve approached my assistant store manager with a hospital letter. Ive been Ignored, have them eye roll me when explaining I can’t remember my passwords. Ended up being sent home Thursday during a shift ! I was that upset, to be told I’ll have to speak to head office about this and speak to you on Saturday. They never contacted me… I’m filled with dread everytime I have to go to work. I’ve worked hard to get to a normal me. But I’m so upset and stressed about it.
I’ve never been unreasonable all I want to do is reduce my hrs, by 5 on a Monday. My family are livid and are worried the stress will bring on a relapse. SORRY FOR LONG POST but any help would be greatfully appreciated.

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Not sure where you’re located, but it’s my understanding that both the UK and US have laws in place requiring your employee to make reasonable accommodations for you to work. Since the managers aren’t cooperating, is there a Human Resources department you can contact?

For the job itself, when you have a good day, fill a notebook with detailed instructions about your work and then carry it around with you. I had to do that at one point for a desk job that I’d held for quite a few years, and it made a world of difference. I was moving slower, but on brain-fog days I was able to go through my notes and figure out exactly what I needed to do.

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Are you in a Union? Have a look at Disabled Union who have advice and advocacy service - it’s is run by people who have ‘disabilities’

I live in the UK, we don’t have a union. I’ve worked for the company for 4 years and everything was fine until I become ill. They’re where lovely, they send me gifts and my children gifts. I was off for 6 months, learning to walk and talk again.
Was welcomed back with opened arms ! But my store manager was posted somewhere else and we got 2 new managers. Who aren’t as understanding ! I think because I look okay they think I’m okay ?

I can’t bear the thought of going to work anymore, they make me feel as though I’m a burden to them. The ignoring and eye rolls hurt. I’ve decided to hand my notice in, I have to put my health before ignorant people.

I don’t want to live my life with regret, time is precious…I want to start living again.

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I’m sorry you feel the need to quit, but that’s a decision only you can make. However, the new managers’ behavior is quite illegal. I understand if you don’t have it in you to fight them, but make sure that you’ve really thought this through before handing in your notice.


Hi, you really need to document whats going on here. If it were me, I’d put all my concerns in writing and email them to my line manager or HR team, at the same time id request a formal meeting to discuss your concerns, clear the air, and discuss a mutually acceptable way forward for all. You need to give them a formal opportunity to fix things. In addition, any incidents that have happened up to this point and going forward keep a record of. All this provides a trail further down the line if needed. Your employer must make reasonable adjustments for you in line with EA2010.
If your employers business cannot sustain your reduced hours as a business then IHR might be an option. Definitely speak to a union rep if you have one, or citizens advice. If you can, don’t quit, it’s much easier to fight the battle from within even though it might not seem that way right now.
Contact your MS team and make them aware, they may be needed in future (IHR), if you have an Occupational Health team ask for a referral.
Good luck.


Please don’t quit! They might be acting out of ignorance and bullying as a secondary behaviour. You could decide to play some reverse psychology - speak to them along the lines ‘I know it must be hard for you to understand and it often makes me look misunderstood. I’ve brought this information that might help me explain what is or can happen to me over time. Thank you for having a look and trying to understand my position and thank you for your support. But whatever you do, don’t pack it in. If you go on the sick you’re entitled to six month full pay then 3months half pay and during that time hopefully you’ll be better positioned to make the decision. But get advice either from a Union or CAB. maybe look at Scope webpages/Facebook, they have a whole Discussion Group of advisors on Employment Benefit Rights Good luck


Hi you need to talk to MS society and ask them to advise you what to do or ring ACAS 0300 123 1100 they can tell you your rights.

Your employer has a duty of care its as simple as that, and they need to adapt your working day to suit your disability needs. Do not be fobbed off by them ok. Get on the phone and have the advise which is there for you. xxxx


Thank you all for your advice. I’ve disliked working for the company for a while before this, I think this has just shown me what a terrible company I’ve been working for.
I’ve had 4 or 5 meetings with the managers I’ve told them what I can and can’t physically do. Ie can’t climb ladders or lift anything too heavy with my right sided weakness. I told them I wanted to be taken off banking as some days I struggle with my memory.
My Nero physiotherapy team have wrote to them stating what I struggle with. My MS nurse has wrote to them stating what my struggles are and what I can and can’t do, suggesting that all I want to do is drop 5hrs, on a Monday as I’m injecting Capaxone which makes me have sickness and sweats. (Just trailing at the minute new medication.) They’ve asked to see all of my medical records !! Which are private and confidential. They’ve put me into work Monday shifts, also put me in to do banking.

They’ve suggested I go on the sick ? I don’t want to do that ! I’ve worked so hard to get to a( new ) normal kinda life. Sorry for ranting on… my hubby and family have told me to quit. And I know in my heart that’s the right decision for me ! Im not willing to risk my health anymore. Thank you for your replys and your suggestions

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Simply put, the law is on your side, USE IT !!

My company have been great , but as I was told by both the H&S manager and the HR manager, they have a duty of care to support disabled employees where ever possible.

I’ve never thrown the disabled card at them, never had to, it was the company who told me about my disability rights ect.



Take them for as many paid benefits as you can get before you quit. I regret that I didn’t do that with my last job, and I could’ve had another 6-12 months’ income between what the company owed me and what I could’ve gotten from the gov’t Unemployment. The way I did it, I had nothing coming in and needed my mother to pay my bills until I qualified for gov’t Disability.


YOU DO NOT QUIT, please contact ACAS they HAVE TO BY LAW help your needs. they are being knobs. they are breaking the disability law act at work by not helping you.

makes my blood boil. I had issue years ago and ACAS sorted it out for me.

Please get advise legal as you have RIGHTS as Jactac said too. x


Thank you all for your advice, I really appreciate it ! I have wrote my letter of resignation and put it in my work bag. I will listen to all of your advice and hang in there for the minute. I will contact ACAS / CITIZEN ADVICE about how they’re treating me. Thanks everyone x

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I’m glad you’re willing to fight! Please keep us posted. Quitting when you’re ready is one thing, but being pushed out through no fault of your own is another matter entirely. Just keep reminding yourself that what they’ve done to you is ILLEGAL, and the law and common decency are on your side! I’m also glad that you have family support. That means a lot during times like this.

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if you leave voluntarily you wont get benefit help. DO NOT LEAVE TEAR UP YOUR LETTER, let them sack you. OR document everything, the first thing you have to do is put in a GRIEVANCE LETTER OK. SPOUT disability at work act.

say you have worked there loyally and all you are asking for is 5 hrs. KEEP A COPY.

if THEY REFUSE, then you write another one to their head office etc, and say you do not agree with their findings and will take it further.

ONCE YOU HAVE A PAPER TRAIL right, if you are FORCED to leave because of their actions you can go for CONSTRUCTIVE DISMISSAL.

Constructive dismissal

Constructive dismissal is when you’re forced to leave your job against your will because of your employer’s conduct.

The reasons you leave your job must be serious, for example, they:

  • do not pay you or suddenly demote you for no reason
  • force you to accept unreasonable changes to how you work - for example, tell you to work night shifts when your contract is only for day work
  • let other employees harass or bully you

THEY ARE NOT providing reasonable adjustments that would help you to do your job



I’m bracing myself for today’s shift ! Thank you for your advice and help x

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I’m bracing myself for today’s shift, Thank you for your advice and help it’s really appreciated x

how did you get on?

Surprisingly well, I had another meeting and gave them my letter from my MS nurse. They’ve agreed to temporary take my Mondays off me whilst my medication settles down. The other manager who’s not very nice to me wasn’t in…,other members of staff have reported him for bad management. I’m keeping dairies of everything what’s happened, just incase ! My colleagues have stepped up and said they’ll have my back and support me…as they don’t wanna lose me. Thank you for all of your advice ! We shall see what happens x

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Brilliant news so pleased for you and takes a lot of stress off you which will make you feel better overall. I always think its never good to give in to these monster managers.

Your a good worker and they are like gold dust. XXXX

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