wondering if it could be ms

Hi I’m 35 and back in November I had what the doctors thought was vertigo. They didn’t know what was causing. I collapsed in the bathroom three times, but kept getting told the same thing. During this time I was put on prozac for depression (no trigger for it), it didn’t make any difference si the gp doubled my dose 2 weeks ago. I’ve been gain really bad muscle jerks, like my arm or leg will just kick or hit out and it will kind if go around my body in a circle for a few mins. I’m very fatigued a lot and just can’t be bothered, I put this down to meds /depression Today I had an appointment with ent as a result of a refers from my gp because of some hearing loss, the ent department have now referred me to neurology (appmt next week) I’m just trying to put things together… Any help or advice would be lovely. Thank you xxx

Hi Kels

Your symptoms could be caused by any number of reasons and its impossible to say. I think its good though that you are being referred to neurology as hopefully this will bring you closer to an answer. Good luck with your appointment. It might be helpful to wright down a chronology of dates and symptoms and take it with you when you go.