Wondering how far back should I date symptoms?

Since I turned 18 I’ve been just coming down with more and more issues that have never resolved themselves. The first thing that happened what constant kidney and bladder infections. I ended up seeing a kidney specialist and he put it down to the part of bladder that senses when it’s full to essentially being broken. So now I just have to keep lots of fluids up and go even if I don’t feel the need to. It gets to the point where I could almost wet myself to when I “feel” the need to urinate.

Since then it’s been one thing after another. Is it worth mentioning anything that old or not to the neuro? Bit concerned as this has been a sign of MS for some sufferers and it’s never subsided nor got any better over the years.


Tsuki xx

Hi Tsuki, Personally, I would definitely rate that as relevant, especially as it has never resolved. I don’t think there’s a fixed time-limit, beyond which it’s inappropriate to go. Whilst I wouldn’t include very minor things that happened years ago - particularly if they’re of dubious relevance (you don’t want to end up listing every health problem you’ve ever had!), I wouldn’t omit anything that was major, has never been fully explained, or continues to be a problem to this day. Hope this helps, Tina

Thanks Tina I’m going to include the major ones. I’ve got some issues the GP is treating but seeing as neurological and I’ve included those. It really has helped me. Thanks again!

Tsuki xx