Wonderful GP

I just wanted to share with you all that my GP is wonderful, caring, kind and considerate.

;-)))))) Mary

Hi Mary

That’s lovely news.


Nice to hear someone likes and respects their gp, mine is fantastic and I certainly couldn’t have coped without him!

Ahhh thats brilliant Mary,my GPs have been fantastic to me to…


Hi Mary,

That’s good news, we hear so often that gp’s don’t listen and just get out their prescription pads before you’ve even sat down. My gp is also brilliant so I can relate to your joy.



Hi Mary,

I want a wonderful G.P!!!

Where can i get one?

I’ve tried 3 and still searching!

Teresa. x

So glad to hear that. I too have a wonderful GP. Makes all the difference in the world :slight_smile:

I often sing about mine…aren’t we lucky!

I have two and they are great :slight_smile: theres only one I don’t go to he insists all can be cured with lotions and potions herbal remedies!

my doc was good,but he finished up,so now we have 2 new docs,not been to see them yet,no dought I will in time,hopefully they are as good as old doc was

Me too. My husband with a bad heart and me with M.S are so lucky that our doctor is just soooooo good. It helps us cope mentally and physically. Stay as well as possible and all the best. Sandypops

Hiya Mary,

Ive finally found one who is like yours but its taken me 8 years to do so. She holds my hand and offers guidance and recommends treatments. Nothing is too much for her. Why arent all gp’s the same?

Hope you are ok and coping Mary,

Luv bren


Well that`s lovely Mary. So pleased for you.

luv Pollz