Won a holiday

hello folks, yet another groan at a certain party. A primary school in Edinburgh wins a prize of a holiday to Majorca, but for one student it means he will not be going with his pals, the reason, he is a Syrian refugee, the foreign office says it takes at least 3 months to arrange a passport, how things have changed, in 1984 a ??? from South Africa, was granted a British nationality and passport in a matter of hours/days/weeks just so she could run in the olympics, the difference, one poor, one rich, caring shows through, Brian


caring indeed, as well as strong and stable.

Having the Daily Heil force through a claim for Zola Budd worked a treat in those days, but it didn’t end terribly well from what I recall. Following Olympic disaster she quickly returned to South Africa and has not seen since. Zola Budd says she gave up in Olympic final after tangle with Mary Decker | Olympic Games | The Guardian

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