women's trousers

Having had help concerning my hair, now I’d like some help with trousers!!!

Any suggestions where to buy smart trousers with an elasticated waist?

Have looked on lots of sites (M&S, Debenhams, etc) & my mum came home with a pair one day but they were actually trackies! (She didn’t realise & I haven’t told her!)

Hope somebody can help.

Hi, I get my pull ons from Matalan…very smart, comfy and reasonably priced to.

They have good access on out of town retail parks.If you can`t get there, they do mail order.

luv Pollx

Cottontraders have a good on line site - they do pull on jeans/cords/slacks in lots of sizes and lengths.

And as Polly said Matalan are also good.

NEXT maternity trousers - seriously good.

Pallatzo pants are very trendy, most have elastocated waist, they are not warm but very smart. next/wallis/monsoon/debenhams/newlook. they normally stock them. julsiexx

Try JD Williams (online)

Comfy, pull on trousers and come in different lengths too ! (good for “shorties” like me !)


bon marche do all sorts of elasticated trousers