Wol = mandolin

Hi all, or those of you who have successfully worked out how to get from level one (sheer frustration) to level two (bewilderment) of the new computer game the developers have dreamed up for us…

I’ve taken the chance to ditch my old mandolin avatar, and brought in Wol. I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, because it seems to be the fashion to have a cartooney avatar. Ideally I’d like to change my username to Wol as well, but the way things are I might never get back on here!

Kev x

Hi KeV

Well getting on the forum has been a nightmare, soon I can’t face trying to get an avatar.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Pam x

Hi Kev,

I like Wol!

It was a nightmare though, getting back on! I am a creature of routine and habit and I also don’t like change, not sure if its an age thing or an MS thing!

Hey ho, imagine it will all become second nature soon.

Hi Pam, little bit cooler in Ross tonight. Much more comfortable :wink:

Hope you are ok.

best to you both,

Nina x

Morning Wol hope you are ok, I managed the avatar bit and am getting to grips with the forum but am at a loss over some of it,

What has this week in store for you?

I am sure it will be great


Thanks all. The next thing would be to change my user name to Wol as well, but I can’t see how to do it. Is Pat back on yet? I remember she wrote about changing to Snow Leopard.

i had a good weekend, went to our best friends’ tenth wedding anniversary and his 60th. (They’ve been together since 1975 but left getting married till 2004.)

the journey down to Surrey was a nightmare- three and a quarter hours of slow moving traffic on the M1 & M25. Usually takes an hour and a quarter. We should have gone the pretty way. But the garden party was good. I emerged from my recovery lair/heat refuge at 6pm and managed to socialise until about 10pm.