Wobbly knee

Having largely got over a period where my left leg repeatedly gave way, I stopped using a stick and made the assumption it was getting better, but now it is increasingly inclined to wobble at the knee when taking my weight unless consciously locked back. Just wondering why one thing is getting better whilst this is getting worse.

Good news that the bucking went at least! Perhaps it’s left your knee muscles weak? A neurophysio might be able to give you advice - your GP can refer you.

I’ve been told to do squats for the same problem - basically lean against a swiss ball placed against a flat wall and squat. (The ball should start low on your back, so when you move down, the ball still supports you.) Put your feet far enough out so you can still see your toes when you are in the lowest position. (Try and make sure that you keep your knees over your toes as much as possible.)

Swiss balls are a brilliant exercise tool - well worth the investment. Just sitting up straight on one helps build core muscles which are really important if you have weak knees or back or pretty much anything!

Karen x

Karen you mean like a telly tubby ball? Funny how the mind digresses, I then started imagining exercising with a swiss cheese; probably something to do with being over fond of food.

I can relate to that

If you google swiss ball you’ll be sorry to see that it is basically a completely inedible, big, bouncy ball (is that a telly tubby ball???).


Yep must be one and the same. Still I think I better ask for a swiss Ball.