With This Free Wish I Give The Atos Interviewer....

If you could give the Atos Interviewer one of your MS symptoms for the day,

which would you choose to prove working might not be in your best interest?

A really hard one this, consudering the wealth of choices, but I would go for something as simple and straightforward

as a dose of fatigue.

In fact, give them it just for an hour and I think they might get the picture.


i would love any of the medical profession to have a taste of my fatigue.

oh yes, just for a day, it would be wonderful to see the expressions on their faces when it finally dawns on them how it really, really feels.

i have often thought , if only i could show them !

yes, i am sometimes bitter and cynical and at the end of my tether and feeling completely on my own and if that what was the only way for there to be any kind of empathy and understanding then count me in!

best wishes

mandy xx

Hi I would give them a day of anxiety with a panic attack thrown in for good measure and still expect them to sleep well and leap out of bed to get to work the next morning!

we most definitely need a "like " button

constant urgent bladder + not knowing if a.) you’ll have an acciedent before you get to toilet or b.) if you’ll be able to go at all.


It’s a toss up between Pain & Fatigue.

I think it has to be the Pain without my Gabapentin.

At least with Fatigue you can have a few hours sleep.

And I honestly beleive that I couldn’t survive without it.


I am retired, so it’s not quite the same, but …

How about a day of dropped foot, with a 100 yard walk from carpark to office building, then two flights of stairs to climb to get to room, then one flight each way to get to the coffee machine.

I figure anyone hit by that - cold - would give up before lunch, and concede that it was too hard. Then they would have to get back to the car, and get that foot back inside - only someone else has parked too close and the door will not open quite far enough.

But we all know about having to cope with this, and worse, don’t we …


One day of my eyesight (it’s like looking through spiderwebs on frosted glass)


You know when you get to that stage when you feel sick and so tired you could cry? When moving a leg or an arm is a task that even Hercules would struggle with? When you can’t think, your speech is slurred and it hurts to just close your eyes?

I was thinking about it this morning before I saw this post and I honestly decided that I would give up my legs to not suffer from fatigue any more.

I see people looking at me sometimes, clearly wondering what’s wrong with me, why I’m leaning on my stick, probably thinking I’m some sort of scrounger. I’ve often wished we could transfer everything we are feeling to them for just a few seconds even - all the pain, the fatigue, the nausea, the weakness, the fears,… and watch it hit them like a multi-storey brick wall. See the realisation hit them too. The world would be a better place if more people understood. ATOS sounds like a damn fine place to start :slight_smile:

Karen x

i would give him my balance xxx

I reserve my fire for the Tories, as they are the ones who relish punishing the poor and disadvantaged. Still, they always do it, so guess it’s no surprise.

ATOS are only obeying orders, if very profitable ones.

The one free wish for Politicians, DWP & ATOS would have to be the ability to care for another human being. Giving them one of my symptoms would only make them uncomfortable for a day and do nothing other than fuel pity for themselves, as they seem inherently incapable of considering anything but their own interests.

Best Wishes


What a brilliant post.

For me it;s a toss up between fatigue and trigeminal neuralgia.

But then I always descrine TN as a pain you wouldn’t give your worst enemy so I suppose it’s got to be the fatigue.

Real MS fatigue though - I don’t want them just to feel a bit weary.


good day, why blame the messenger, blame the organ grinder, the, what everyone-in England and Wales- wanted, a photogenic, non-Scottish, non Labour prime minister, now we’re stuck with him, and his help the poor rich people as much as possible, the gullable people have only themselves to blame, every word coming out from the government sounds/looks good until you see the end product, it is all one sided, the bosses, the rich, the few % on one side=the rest on the other, slowly but surely times are changing back to the 1800s, the days of them and us, the unions are being blamed for striking, apart from that-not taken lightly-what else is left, serfdom, slavery, of course you can always blame the Labour government, the rest of Europe, blame the people themselves, brian ps, pass the shackles around please

I have to say, I hate my “PPMS” with vengeance, but I don’t think I could bring myself to wish any of my symptoms on my worst enemy, not even for just a day, sorry.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

I wouldn’t wish MS on anyone, Politicians, DWP or ATOS.

What about those who have MS & are also ATOS or DWP ?

I dont pity myself for having MS, I just take things one day at a time and get on with what I have to do that was started by the previous government…

Take care


I don’t know what ATOS is - is this something that we don’t have in Scotland? I would like the decision makers to understand the entire illness and the fear that I feel when they start mucking about with the benefits that I receive, also the fear in general about what the future holds. Between the fear and the disease, I think I’m lucky sometimes to be leaving the house!

Luisa x

I would give them my legs and see how they would manage a day with them.


I’m not as cruel as you lot i would be nice and let them pick which one they wanted to have for the day. The extreme fatigue, the constant pain and spasms in my legs the fact that they are so stiff i have trouble making it to the toilet for the 5th time this hour the constant injections i have to give myself day in and day out and the list goes on they would be spoilt for choice !!!

Jenny xx

Good question

I would say the fatigue and ironiclaly the lack of sleep

i would like them to be in wifes shoes being on a pittance of

carers allowance and looking after me 24/7