Winter and loss of temperature control

I’m sat here with thermals on, PJ’s, a thick cardigan, thick dressing gown with hood up and ugg like boots. The heating is on and my temp is still way below 36c. We are only in the first week of September.

My family have often checked my temp and it’s often bordering hypothermia.

I just can’t keep control of temp any more summer or winter.

OAP’s get fuel allowance in the winter and yet I know many who head abroad and still claim it. Surely disabled people with mobility problems and spinal cord problems should be entitled to it.

jacqui, I too have problems with temperature control. Also find my meds either heat me up too fast and Im shaking because of the ms or Im frozen solid, with everyone around laughing as theyve never felt anyone as cold as me.

You are not alone, wonder if its to do with lack of vitamins or the ms?