windows 8

Hello All. Does anyone know why I can’t get paragraphs when on this forum. I’ve tried the usual…enter button even the space bar. Maybe its just something to do with windows 8?? Any help would be much appreciated. x

I have Windows 8 (now have 8.1). Sometimes I can paragraph on this site, sometimes not. Don’t know the reason. Using iPad just now and just para-graphed !

I have read somewhere on here that it is to do with your internet browser. If you use internet explorer paragraphs will not work but if you use firefox it will. Hope that helps

I use Chrome and that works fine. I have read that Explorer doesn’t work so well on here.

Tracey x

I couldn’t paragraph on here, but since upgrading to 8.1, I can paragraph using Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Fizzy x

Whoopee!! I can Do paragraphs.

Using Google Chrome

Thank you

Thank you

Sorry lol…can’t help myself