will there really be a drug to halt progression of MS all together?

I am not hopeful for a PPMS cure at all, i think it is many many lifetimes away. However, there is a neurologist I like to watch on YouTube, many of you have probably heard of him he’s so informative and really does a great job in explaining all forms of MS. His name is Aaron Boster.

This is a link to one of his videos start it at 21:25 if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, he answers a question about an MS cure.

He says he doesn’t think there will be a cure in his lifetime (no surprise there) but interestingly he says he thinks it’s realistic that they’ll be able to halt the disease in his lifetime.

What do we think about this are we calling BS?

Normally I wouldn’t believe it but he seems like a very honest person, he definitely didn’t sugarcoat the idea of a cure so it makes me wonder if there will be a drug to halt it within 10 or 20 years as he’s suggesting.

what do you all think?

They have been saying that for 10 or 20 years and here we all are.

Just in case I’m sounding gloomy x

I gave up hoping for the ‘cure’ many years ago.I agree with him i do think in about 20 years they will be able to slow it down or stop it to an extent.I was told when i was diagnosed 28 yr ago that a cure was just round the corner…some corner lol.

Hi, I would really recommend joining the UK HSCT for MS and autoimmune diseases facebook group. I have only recently found out about this but it is the most positive thing that I have found and seems to be 70% effective and effective with PPMS too, in stopping or significantly slowing down symptoms.

I’ve read about people who have had very negative experiences with HSCT and have actually found that it speeds up their progression.