Will physio help with pain?

Hi folks,

I am recently diagnosed and, last time I saw the neuro my worst problems were fatigue and stiff legs. I had already changed my work patterns to cope better with the fatigue, and we agreed that I would try physiotherapy for the stiff legs.

I’m about to go for the first physio session, but since I saw the neuro, my legs have become very painful sometimes, particularly at night. Whereas the stiffness had a dull and mild ache with it, this is a really distracting pain that often wakes me up.

I’m hoping the physiotherapy will help with the pain as well as the stiffness. Am I right? If you don’t think so, maybe I should go back to doctors and see what can be done for the pain? Any thoughts gratefully read.


Hi Dave

Physio could well help with the pain.

However if the pain is causing you problems then it might be helpful to go back to your GP

Anne x

If physio corrects the problem causing you pain, then yes. Unfortunately, physio is not an instant solution and you need to stick at it over time, or it will not work.

I hope you find some relief soon.

Hiya Dave

You sound soooooo much like me from a few years back. I too tried all sorts to combat pain stiffness and fatigue. Including excercise, LDN, diet, vitamins, mattress topper, Sativex etc. I’m also going through physio and I’m not too sure but it might be helping with restless/twitching legs in bed. Still with physio it will take time and I have plenty of that. Infact I have 2 physio this Monday 10 miles apart!

Good luck, mate and take care,


depends what is causing the pain - if it is stiffness or spasms, physio could well help. Sometimes drugs like Baclofen ease stiffness best but better to try addressing it without drugs if it is possible. Assessment by a physio is best.