Will it ever end

14 weeks into this and although a lot better than I was, woke up this morning feeling like I’ve taken a step back . Worried that this is what I’m left with , which isn’t at a level that will get me back to work . Still waiting lumber puncture for DX but been told looking at RRMS but fully aware that could be left like this after a major flare. Sorry for moan just really down at the moment and never expected the life I had to disappear so quickly at 46. Yrs old Sorry Gray

Hi Gray

Sounds like you are having a bad day. Tomorrow could be brighter for you. That’s what this disease is like isn’t it? One day you could feel awful the next day not so bad. Don’t right yourself off. It could be completely different tomorrow.

And you are not moaning just feeling low. We all get like that so we know how you feel.

Take care.

Shazzie x

I think you summed it up well there Gray, you are mourning the loss of your life as you knew it. Life isn’t over it just won’t follow the path you might have planned. Give yourself and your body time, I know the waiting is hard, but time does help. Like Shazzie has said tomorrow might be brighter, stay positive, there is still lots of living to come :slight_smile:

Hi Gray, sorry cant advise on RRMS, as was only wrongly diagnosed with the PP type for years.

But just wanted to say no need to apologise for having a moan. You`re not moaning, just looking for support and help when the health issues get too much.

I know it`s a pig living with whatever has got you, as well as me and countless others, but we cant hand it back and say Thanks, but no thanks, eh?

Once you get do get that diagnosis, hopefully you`ll be on DMds and life will improve.

Stick with us yeh?

luv Pollx

Thanks your all very kind , just a bad night and day brings me right back down again , so desperate to go back to work and try and get back to some sort of normality , just don’t think I ever will and what’s left is permanent . Just feels like my life stopped overnight 14 weeks ago . Not looking forward to much if this is it. Sorry for the downer , hey ho tomorrow’s another day Thanks once again just for listening


I’ve been up, down and all over the place!

I just deleted the massive reply I almost gave you cos you don’t need anything other than support and understanding right now. I feel for you as I know you were very active (I think my reply on that thread went walkies!).

I still struggle to get my head round this whole MS thing, I’m not in denial now BUT still wish I could have my life back! Like Anon said, you’re in mourning, I know I am. Four months ago I was teaching classes at a gym and now I have a ton of high heels I need to ebay, not to mention associated outfits that will never be worn again. My Mum has offered to do a scrap book for me of me in my shoe collection - I just had to warn her it might be dangerous as I couldn’t even stand up in them lol

I wasn’t that surprised when I was told likely PPMS (I was only diagnosed 30 April) and I’m still clinging to the idea it might remit.

Take care and feel free to M me if you want to talk

Sonia x

Argh! If it’s not bad enough my typing is awful and my train of though nearly as bad, my ‘P’ button doesn’t work too well, so message me is what I meant! :wink:

Gray as the others have said, you’re probably needing a bit of support. It’s difficult when friends and family have no idea just how you feel and your fears for the future. Everyone here does. You’ll eventually have to realise that life does go on but it’s not what you pictured. You’ll need to find new ways of doing things or new things to do. I’m 43, have PPMS and was recently diagnosed and retired from my job on medical grounds but I’m starting to find ways of doing things and adjusting my routine.

It does get better as long as you try, I promise.

Min x