will i ever get a dx

i started having slight problems in 2007, walking out of my flip flops foot not working right on my bike. then walking with a limp when i had not done anything, as this was not going away i went to see my gp, he sent me for an xray that came back ok. so the next step he sent me to see a physio. she was really nice and after a few sessions she told me that she thought it might be a neuro problem. she would get in touch with my gp and that he would refare me to a neuro. that happened june 2008 he was very nice. i had an mri scan and, as my limp had got much worse and was falling all the time and feeling strange things tingles numbness and twitches, i went to see another physio and the orthotics department. i tried lost of different exercises and went every week. i was given a walking stick. had plaster casts made of my foot and leg up to the knee told i was going to be fine when they made this made to measure brace!!! well they were wrong was hard to get it into shoes very painful to wear so they tried a few things cutting it trimming it omg. you hardly ever got to see the same person and every different one of the had a different answer!!! you don’t need this this is wrong for you!!! well iv’e had braces other styles metal ones plastic ones and a calipher all are rubbish this has gone on until now! i hardly walk now so don’t bother with any. during this time iv’e been in hospital for an LP had steroids through a drip they did nothing! and been to see my neuro four or five times. he has told me that he thinks its ms all the other test have come back negative so is most likely and when i new symptoms pops up he will most likely confirm it!. since the start of it i haven’t had relapses it just got worse and stays. i don’t go out without help can’t drive don’t work and have to take my mobility scooter with me if i do go out don’t no what i would do without it!!! this is all on the right side of my body my face has become numb also on the right side and into my head iv’e had this over six weeks now and the last week has started to go but not fully don’t no if it ever will. other things i have are fatigue sleep often but think this might be to do with to not much activity and boredom. i have to wear tena pads don’t have a’lot of control with my bladder. my balance it rubbish don’t travel very well, have a’lot of pain in my leg and at times my back. i take baclofen and gabapentin . my neuro has said he thinks i have the ppms but still not confirmed . but will have to see what next june brings that’s when i see him next. haven’t heard anything else from the orthotics department no letters no phone calls to see how i’m getting on with it what a joke. the physio don’t come any more they just stop coming! they were waiting till i got my calipher to see how i got on with it!!! iv’e had it months!