Will DMD's help with the "Freezer Burn?"

Hi guys. Haven’t been on for a while but I really need some advice. At my last clinic my neurologist decided that it was time perhaps for DMD’s. He gave me a list of drugs available and the lovely MS nurse sent me some literature and DVD’s to watch. They really are brilliant, ( neurologist and nurse I mean), however, the main thing bothering me at this time is the “freezer burn” which I seem to have constantly in my shins and feet. That is, of course, until bedtime, and then all hell breaks loose with the burning feet! When I asked,my neurologist said everyone is different, which I totally get, but they might help. At minute my feet are so bad I’m seriously thinking of having hand controls fitted to my car. Anyone any ideas?



i dont quite understand what u r meaning but am going to try and find thread i wrote re my feet and hope something in it may help u…back when i find it… ellie

hope thats it!

the icecubes and steroid cream did work!

ellie x

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I think of disease-modifying drugs and symptom control drugs as doing two different jobs. The DMDs are to protect you against future relapses; the symptom control drugs are to help with the here-and-now problems (like your burning legs, for instance). That’s why you need both (as do I).

Good luck with the DMDs.



Thanks everyone. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner but there was a problem with my posts! Let’s hope this one gets posted. Ellie sorry for being vague. In your link Elmo mentions chilblains. Well that’s similar to the sensation I’m experiencing. Yesterday it was particularly bad. Polar Bear I’ve been taking Amitriptyline. Dr has tried to increase them (I’m on 80mg at min) but I get palpitations. Finally, Alison thanks for explaining that to me but, just to clarify, are you saying the DMD’s won’t help? I’m going mad with this!

‘I don’t know’, is the short answer. For sure, some people find that being on DMDs makes them feel better now, but I have no idea whether ‘making people feel better now’ is one of the things that DMDs claim to do, over and above their main claims relating to reduction of future relapses. Someone else might know the answer, but I don’t.

If I am looking for a drug to make me feel better now, in terms of dealing with a troublesome symptom like pain, it the symptom-relief drugs that I’ll turn to - all the while hoping that the DMDs are working away in the background, warding off future trouble.


Thanks everyone. Will just have to go back and see if there is something else because the drugs I’m on now are not working. I get the whole DMD’s should reduce frequency of attacks but I was hoping there might be some relief also from this “freezer burn”. Aw well tomorrow’s another day so will just keep fighting. Take care you guys.

Glynnis xx