wii fit


i have been telling people to try the wii fit but i havent used it for months.

so now i’m going to try it.

“your wii fit age is one hundred and seventeen” hope i get a better result than that!

carole x


Like you i havent used it for months but got my son to set it up again as legs are not working so let me if it works, yes i was in my 90s also

i think it’s blo*ody rude.

it says i’m 23 when i’m feeling really bad but says i’m 87 when i feel a million dollars.

it triggers my tourettes and i give it a right mouthful!!

my sons had a giggle when i went on it but to chear you up hubby was older though he is fairly fit and golfs every week, so in other words it is a lot of toss

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