wifi equipment

hi everyone

I’m a bit of a newbie as not posted anything for ages.

I have RRMS with some progression which mainly affects my walking and have had a recent relapse.

I am just asking if anyone reacts to wifi equipment close to their head. My husband has a netbook he sometimes uses in bed but we have noticed that when he does I wake up suddenly feeling that my head is going to explode so he has stopped using it. Santa very kindly gave me a wifi kindle for Christmas and I have noticed this happening again…could be a coincidence and nothing to do with it but would be interested in other people’s experiences.



there was a lady on our local new a while ago, and she was very ill due to wifi,it took her ages to work out it was the wifi,and as soon as she stopped using it she felt much better,i am trying to cut the use of wif down, because for some people,its not that good.

I use a fair bit of wi-fi equipment (and that includes reading in bed), and have not noticed anything untoward.
That proves/disproves nothing.
Do you get any similar effects when you use a mobile phone?

It could be that you are sensitive to radiation on the exact frequency put out by your wi-fi modem-router, and if you have a friend with a non-wifi book reader, you could try using that for the same length of time to see if the effect is still there.

There is some evidence that microwave radiation as in wi-fi and cell-phones can be harmful. The unknown is just how much is harmful, and at what distance. Similarly, you do not know how many other wi-fi networks and cell-phones are in use close by, that you have no control over.



I use wifi all the time, laptop, Kindle and mobile and can’t say I have noticed anything untoward. The safety limits are very carefully monitred and with many, many trials and research studies done nothing conclusive has yet been found to be harmful.

But with your Kindle you can turn the wifi off if you aren’t actually downloading a book (makes your battery last longer too) so at least you can keep reading in bed and enjoy Santa’s present