wide spread chronic pain

Hi everyone this is my first time posting,though I have read posts in the forum from time to time. I just wanted to know if there is anyone else who suffers with only hidden symptoms of their MS primarily pain? I have pain everyday in my back neck arms hands and legs the pain varies from day to day and hour to hour from discomfort to unbearable. I’m on the following meds Tizanadine 8mgs qds, nefopam 90mg tds,Gabapentin 600mgs bd,clonazepam 500mgs nocte’,carbamazepine 300mgs nocte’,amantadine 100mgs bd and untill recently morphine SR 20mgsbd which has now been replaced by a new drug Tapentadol MR 100mgs bd also have morphine sulphate solution 30mgs prn for severe exacerbations.I get so down at times because I look like there is nothing wrong with me outwardly and feel no one really understands how this impacts on my life. I also have urinary incontinence , memory/ cognitive and fatigue issues to deal with .I feel so isolated as I don’t know anyone who could begin to understand what its like and I worry about the amount of meds I’m on what it’s doing to my general health and still being in pain. Thanks to anyone who replies .

Sorry to hear you are in sooooooooo much pain. I’m really not much help on this as I’m not anywhere close to what you’re going through, just thought I’d reply. Take care of yourself as best you can!

Hello, Sorry to read that you are having a difficult time.

This week I had urinary incontinence, I was going to see my neuro and it was a long drive. Arrived at the hospital and I couldn’t hold on and rushed to the loo had a bit of leakage and had to wrap a jumper aound my waist to hide it. Then on the way home I had to go somewhere and all of a sudden needed to urinate, I found a church toilet but by then too late. I came home and showered. I will always take a new set of clean clothes with me now for car journeys and wear pads.

My legs have been bad this week - felt heavy and almost felt like I would need to crawl rather than walk sometimes. Hope you feel better soon x

Thanks for your kind reply.I will continue to read the forum and hope someone can relate to my issues . I wish you well .

Hi lenny thanks for your reply I can certainly relate to the jumper used as a emergency cover up!

i do so wish i could pass some help for you,but all i can do is offer you hope!!! im not there rite no,but i do wish you all the best i can!! pls ask your M/S nurse t come see, im sure they would

take care & stay safe, we all thinkin of ya!!! Julien xxx